6 Types of Health Conditions Affecting Men’s Sexual Life

Men’s Health-Prominent issue affecting Sexual Life

Apart from common health problems which can be identified in many men, there are internal issues which arose as a result of already existing physical conditions. One of the most prominent internal problems that are found to be increasing in men is erectile dysfunction. It has become a common complaint in men across world and very few reveal it for treatment. The reason is obvious as it is not quite easy for all to express freely, yet, some start with generic medications and other forms of treatment as they need to maintain a beautify love life.

6 Types of Health Conditions Affecting Men's Sexual Life

Link between Impotency and Common Diseases

A man’s wellbeing gets affected by several factors and today a man is prone to risk his life for diseases like diabetes, depression, cardiac troubles, high blood pressure, cholesterol, etc. If we analyze case studies we will be able to understand the common reasons that lead to the risk of impotency.

1. Diabetes and its Impact on Relationship

Uncontrolled insulin level and not adhering to the recommended diet and treatment surely results in complications. Diabetes is one such condition that is also closely associated with cardiovascular problems which is again a risk factor for developing impotency.

2. Your Heart is very important for Healthy Sex

When it comes to heart or cardiac troubles there are many factors which can be listed out to illustrate how they remain a cause for ED. Heart diseases related with diabetes has a high risk reason to result in erectile dysfunction.

3. High Blood Pressure

People with high blood pressure and clogged blood vessels are likely to fail in sexual life and they are also at risky level to get cardiac arrest or stroke. It has found in majority of men with ED that they also have high blood pressure.

4. Depression and Love life

Depression touches every aspect of routine life and when it comes to love life, it has a dominant role to play in reducing active sex as depression medications and mental condition make men prone to develop ED. However, many healthcare professionals recommend men not to stop medication for mental issues even if they find difficulty in relationship as the contribution of brain is more important for sexuality.

5. Hormonal Concerns

Physical condition affecting the natural quantity of hormonal levels also has a great share in affecting men’s internal secret issues. Some of them are hypogonadism where low levels of testosterone is produced and thyroid gland. There are two levels of thyroid gland which includes hyper and hypo thyroid glands that results in more and less hormone secretion.

6. Effects of Alcohol Intake

Excessive alcohol intake is yet another contributing factor that results in tiredness and relationship problems. It is a kind of practice that has a major impact on overall physic and sometimes does not respond even to medications.

Staying Fit and Responsive to Sexuality

Get the proper medication from your health care professional, if you feel it is expensive shift your preference to generic alternatives and experience the difference before you lose the right time.


ED is a complicated health condition that takes a man to a different life style and also restricts him to participate in social circumference. Above all, one of the significant threats would be a great set back in sexual life.

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