Acne Treatment for Teenagers

Acne is a skin condition affecting many teenagers and at times even young adults. Acne treatment is widely sought by those suffering from this malady.It is thought that the reason many adolescents suffer from this is because of their hormones. The major determinant is androgens. These increases the size of oil glands and as a consequence more sebum is produced.However, it is not clear why some people are more prone to it than others.

Acne Treatment for Teenagers

Acne Treatment for Teenagers

Though not a serious health hazard, it is necessary to treat it. In most cases, victims suffer from low self esteem.For a long time it has been treated using oral antibiotics. However, breakthroughs have been made recently that have revolutionalised acne medication. Whenever several doses of these drugs do not work,a more advanced approach is taken.

One of such milestones is the use of isotretrinoin whose trade name is accutane. This is a product made from retinoids which are elements of Vitamin A.These work effectively towards reduction of the size of the oil producing glands in the skin.These are called sebaceous glands.By doing so, chances of having whiteheads or blackheads is lowered.Accutane is also widely referred to as Tretiva.Generic accutane comes in three forms. Amnesteem,Claravis and Sotret. These products are usually made into tablets. These are then sold as prescription drugs.

Accutane is used by individuals who suffer from persistent acne. This is especially when one has failed to respond top other acne treatment. Moreover, it can be used by people with serious cases of this condition that may not disappear when treated with antibiotics.

Apart from isotretrinoin, another form of treatment is Generic azelex or aziderm. This one comes in form of cream and is good for people with moderate cases of acne. It is an antibacterial form of treatment. It therefore follows that it works by cleansing the skin and preventing it from infection.

All of the aforementioned forms of acne medication are aimed at acquiring flawless skin. A major problem which affects the skin of is aging. Unlike acne, this problem is faced by older members of society. Its effects include the appearance of wrinkles. These are thought to be unsightly by some individuals.Efforts to slow down the aging process or to eliminate its effects have been made.

The body is able to control the aging process by the action of antioxidants. Most of these must be taken in through a proper diet. Fruits and vegetables are especially good sources. Besides these, facial treatment such as use of creams, gels, and facial masks play a big role in this fight. There are also options for plastic surgery.Procedures like botox also exists.

In contemporary times, it is said that appearance is everything. It is very important therefore for one to take all measures to ensure that they look and feel presentable.The above forms of acne treatment and anti aging procedures are viable options anytime.Treatment should be sought as fast as possible. In fact, with the above, the results are realised soon after starting on the medication.

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