Best Medicine For Early Discharge

Premature ejaculation (also known as early discharge or quick orgasm, early fall, Shigra-patan) is one of the most frequent, of sexual disorders in the male and is characterized by sudden ejaculation of the semen, just prior to or immediately after vaginal penetration during intercourse (before one wishes or before he could satisfy the female partner). Approximately 10% to 30% people of all age group suffer with quick semen discharge. Premature or ‘before time’ in other words, is a condition where the man has no voluntary control over his ejaculation. He is quick on the trigger once he starts the coitus.

This is a very frustrating disorders of male sexual function in which man feels totally helpless. This leads to bitterness in husbands & wife relationships. For the man, lack of control of his body functioning leaves him feeling unsure of himself. His pleasure is often decreased by the abrupt early discharge. Eventually his preoccupation with trying to postpone ejaculation will hinder his ability enjoy himself to sexual pleasure. When a man is, feeling inadequate, and ejaculating fast, the woman will probably be left unsatisfied. Her frustration will only increase the negative pattern. This is an easily treatable condition.

What is normal time of discharge: In one scientific study Best Medicine For Early Discharge males took approximately ten minutes in discharge whereas took fourteen minutes in getting orgasm.

Best Medicine For Early Discharge

How common is pre mature ejaculation due to some well-defined internal causes?

Many of recent studies have proved that, most cases of quick ejaculation are Psychogenic is not correct (which was old belief). In one study & colleague found that in many patient of pme male hormones were deranged. Similarly at all found that evoked sacral potentials & Bulbocavernosal reflex were hyper-excitable in many patients. Find the best sex tablets for men.

Thus psychogenic cause should never be labeled unless Hormonal & other causes have been excluded, by thorough examination, hormones & other tests

They could be physical body disorders as mentioned above or psychological. It is therefore necessary to rule out the internal organic causes first before commencing treatment. These causes are diagnosed by detailed history and a thorough physical check-up, sexual counseling including penile sensory tests for penile hypersensitivity, blood tests for biochemistry & various hormone tests, central nervous system tests should be done to rule out any internal causes, before starting treatment.

Best Medicine For Early Discharge

Thus premature ejaculation causes a man to focus more and more on his own sexual response pattern, thus getting away from the freedom and naturalness of allowing the response to occur by itself. As he concentrates on controlling his ejaculation, this concentration may begin to get in the way of maintaining the erection with sex power medicine. This then can bring about the loss of erection. After some time this may even completely inhibit the erection from occurring. Often a problem that might begin with premature ejaculation gets joined to a problem of impotence, and then both issue have to be dealt with.

After a time the couple will begin to withdraw from each other, not wanting to enter an experience that is going to end up frustrating them. The man doubts his masculinity, and the wife later experiences a lessening of confidence in her, along with anger toward her partner. The anxiety about performing, and the tendency to move into the spectator role and watch how one is doing.

The Best Medicine For Early Discharge when practiced by patient for four weeks then patient is able to sustain erection without ejaculation for at least 8 to 10 minutes. After the full course of treatment once you have reached the point where you can chose when you will ejaculate, you may find it helpful to continue using the sex therapy exercises on various occasions to help lengthen the lovemaking period. This would be particularly true if it has been some time since the last ejaculation, because then you are more likely to ejaculate more quickly. The use of this should be incorporated into love making and used at any point along the way for the rest of your life.

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