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Generic vaniqa is the topical cream which is used to slow down the facial hair growth in women also known as facial hir sutism. Apart from this, it is also used in the treatment of sleeping sickness. The chemical used in this cream is eflornithine. This chemical is strong enough to interfere in the transformation of an enzyme into specific proteins that are responsible for the growth of facial hair especially in women. This is a topical cream which causes some side effects but these are mild in nature and generally don’t demand for medical attention.

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved to Buy vaniqa generic Online (Eflornithine) for the facial hair removal in women and thus it is quite safe to use. This drug is accessible in its generic version also and that is the reason it is sold out at such attractive price. This topical cream may take time for the treatment and that is why one needs to be patient about it.

Action Mechanism of Generic Vaniqa (Eflornithine)

Every medication possesses a special way of treating the health condition. This is known as mechanism of action or mode of action. This process is different for each and every drug. Buy vaniqua generic also has unique mechanism of action that plays very crucial role in the eradication of facial hairs. Using this cream with proper medical guidance will definitely give you positive and better result. Ask and discuss the possible pros and cons of the drug before using it and stay on the safer side.

Buy Vaniqa Generic Online Extended Facial Hair Growth

Buy Vaniqa Generic Online Extended Facial Hair Growth

The exact mode of action of generic vaniqa 13.9% 15g is not clear yet. Thus it is quite difficult to know how it works in the removal of facial hair in women. The chemical used in the medication is known as inhibitor of ornithine decarboxylase (ODC). This is an enzyme which stimulates the conversion of ornithine to polyamines. This product is crucial in the division and replication of cells that means it is the one that stimulates the growth of facial hair. By suppressing this enzyme generic vaniqa helps in slowing down the process of growth of facial hair and eventually destroy them.

For better results, use this medication as directed by the doctor and avoid combining it with any other topical cream.


** You may not see any improvement in your condition i.e. facial hair reduction in the very first use of generic vaniqa (Eflornithine). In such case, you need to be patient and continue the treatment.

** Pregnant ladies must talk with their doctors before using this topical cream as it may not be safe for their unborn babies. Thus for safety purpose one must use generic vaniqa cream after having word with the medical professional.

** If you develop allergic reactions while using generic vaniqa then you must stop using this drug and contact your doctor at the earliest.


It is better to know the usage of generic vaniqa from a professional medical practitioner. You will get the scientific and proper information about the drug. Generally a pea-sized amount of the cream is enough and it must be applied and spread into a thin layer. Rub it softly to initiate proper penetration of the cream into the skin. This will enhance results. Do not wash the skin part almost for four hours after applying the cream. Use the best vaniqa price Online (Eflornithine) twice in a day for better outcome. Take precautions so that you will not mess up with the medication.

Side Effects of Generic Vaniqa 13.9% 15g

Generic vaniqa is well tolerated in almost all cases but in some cases chances are bright that some side effects may occur, mild or serious types. You can talk with your health care provider regarding the same and get all information related to it. This will educate you how to deal with them when they will occur. Generally gentle side effects occur which doesn’t require any medical help for its eradication.

The most common side effects of generic vaniqa (Eflornithine) are acne, burning or stinging of skin, hair bumps, reddening, skin rash, headache etc and these effects generally stays for shorter period of time. If they persist for longer than you must take medical help. There are some uncommon side effects of this topical cream which include alopecia, anorexia, dizziness, dry skin, facial swelling, nausea and vertigo. You need to talk with your doctor about it and take proper steps to treat these symptoms.

In very rare cases, generic vaniqa causes serious effects such as bleeding or bruising of the skin, herpes, numb skin and swelling of facial gestures. These ill effects occur when you use the cream in excess amount or in wrong direction.

Warnings of Generic Vaniqa

** Generic vaniqa 13.9% 15g is strictly for external use. If swollen by mistake then prompt medical help is needed. Do not use it internally or else you may get serious side effects.
** Reduction in the facial hair with the use of this cream may take longer than you have thought. It generally takes 4 to 8 weeks, however this time span may increase and it differ from person to person.
** Though treatment with generic vaniqa takes longer but if you didn’t get results after six months then it is better to discontinue the treatment and consult a doctor for further guidance.

Hormonal changes that may result in hair on your upper lip, jaw line, or under your chin should not stop you from enjoying the mature years. Talk to your doctor about a prescription for best vaniqa price Online or generic Eflornithine, a topical medication that is applied to the areas affected by the hair growth twice daily. Vaniqa will not remove the unwanted hair permanently or stop further growth; it reduces the rate of the hair growth while you continue to wax, pluck, thread, shave or whatever treatment you have chosen. The generic alternative is not manufactured by the company that makes the brand product.

Buy Vaniqa Generic Online Extended Facial Hair Growth

Hair follicles undergo fast growth and maturation as they change into hairs. Polyamines are a type of protein that is necessary for this to happen and the ornithine decarboxylase (ODC) enzyme is needed to help this process along. Once applied to the areas of unwanted hair, the active ingredient will work to block the activity of ODC. Be patient when using Vaniqa as it could take up to two months before you notice a change in the growth of your facial hair.

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