Dadha Pharma Products Limited (Dadha Pharma Ltd)

Dadha Pharma Private Limited is a leading privately owned business operating in India. Dadha operates with only manufacturers that guarantee a high quality standard product that has been produced using FDA approved production processes, and meets all FDA standard regulations. Dadha works mainly with the top 5 manufacturers in India and developed a great reputation through it’s continuous drive towards high quality and competitive prices.

Dadha has a long heritage which is highly respected in India, and now becoming respected worldwide, as it approaches nearly 100 years of operating, filling prescriptions worldwide for a long time. In partnership together now, the PureTablets team work closely with experienced Dadha team of experts to learn from their endless experience, and share their powerful reputation. A list of Dadha’s leading brands are becoming known in the western world as online orders are increasing every day. Some of these brands include the following list below:

Super P-Force online

Filagra – Contains the active ingredient sildenafil citrate and comes in three different strengths Filagra 100mg, Filagra 50mg, and Filagra 25mg. Other products in the range include Filagra Professional, Filagra Oral Jelly, and Filagra Pink for women.

Tadalista – Contains the active ingredient tadafil and is available in two sizes, Tadalista 20mg, and Tadalista 10mg. Also available is Tadalista Professional which comes in a chewable (Sub-lingual) Format.

Super P-Force – At present, this is Dadha’s fastest growing brand which contains two active ingredients known as sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine, and comes in the generic format known as Super Filagra.

Filitra – Contains the active ingredient vardenafil and is available in 20mg size only.

Dadha Pharma Products Limited, in conjunction with The PureTablets Team, work together very closely to supply medications directly from key giant pharmaceutical giants like Pfizer, Intas or Ranbaxy, or local established distributors in India, at extremely high standards, all FDA approved, and at the most competitive prices on the market. If you have any question regarding any of our services, please don’t hesitate to contact one our PureTablets help-desk representatives at

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