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Super P-Force is the fastest growing medication on the market at the moment, as all new users, plus current regular ED users are turning their attention to this new wonder drug.

Super P-Force pills, also known as Super Filagra in India, not only gives you an erection for an extended period of time, but now you can also control when you want to ejaculate, thus improving the quality and quantity of sex for both parties involved.

When is it time to accept that you are aging, and that your muscles just simply cannot perform like they used to. It’s nothing to be ashamed off, but just like you can’t bench press 220 pounds anymore, or play Baseball or Football, the same goes for your sexual performance.

Super P-Force

As you age, the same occurrence happens with your pubococcygeus muscle (pc muscle), which is the muscle that help’s your retain an erection and control your ejaculation. So just like we accept our vision gives way around 30 – 40, the same can be said about your libido, and your sex drive. Therefore many men are starting to have no shame in using a medication to help them fulfill their partner’s needs.

However, there are still many men out there who are too ashamed to talk to their doctor or admit they have a problem. But whether you have a problem or not, that is the great thing about Super P-Force (Super Filagra), it is more of a booster than a medication.

Buy Super P-Force

So instead of being ashamed to tell your partner that you are taking a prescription medication, instead you can warn her that you are going to be taking a booster, and he/she needs to be ready for it. Hence, it is this shift in thinking towards Super P-Force (Super Filagra) that is driving its rapid growth in online sales worldwide. Research has shown that scientists used the advice of professional porn actors to aid them in the production of Super P-Force, to find the perfect balance for both partners involved.

Super P-ForceSuper P-Force pills contains two active ingredients known as Sildenafil Citrate and Dapoxetine. The first chemical, Sildenafil Citrate is the famous chemical found in Viagra, which is a stimulant that helps the muscles around the penis relax, thus allowing more blood to flow to the head of the penis, and retain an erection. The second chemical is what gives Super P-Force this “booster image”, as it allows the man to perform for hours without stopping. It is this chemical known as Dapoxetine, which help’s strengthen the pc muscle (pubococcygeus muscle) and allows the male to prevent ejaculation until desired.

Therefore, as more and more men are switching towards an extra helping hand in the bedroom, their partners are equally happy with this new lover they possess, and soon you will notice any awkwardness, embarrassment or shyness is all being turned into sexual intercourse with your partners. So make the shift today, spice up your marriage or love life, and try out this new wonder boost for men, Super P-Force (Super Filagra).

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