Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes

According to observations of most medical practitioners, sexual arousal problems occur because of an underlying medical condition. One of these conditions is diabetes and effective management of diabetes can lead to reduction in sexual arousal problems.

Epidemiology of Sexual Problems in Men with Diabetes

Individuals with diabetes are exposed to a different kind of risk of sexual dysfunction as compared to those without. Researchers have observed that over 50% of men with diabetes eventually develop erection problems in a period of 8 years. High glucose levels in the blood can lead to damage of blood vessels including those in the penis. It is important to note that conditions such as obesity, hypertension, and high cholesterol increase the risk of erectile dysfunction. Generally, medication used to manage diabetes does not have any effect on erectile dysfunction.

Effect of Erectile Dysfunction on Quality Of Life

Research has shown that a general inferiority complex affects men with sexual dysfunction problems. This condition negatively affects the sexual life of the couple. To avoid this situation from occurring, early intervention measures must be taken. If diagnosed with diabetes, it is crucial to consult your doctor about possible erectile problems and start managing it before too late. It is crucial to start a discussion with your doctor about sex even if they have not talked about it and always involve your partner in the discussions. Respect and open communication with everyone involved will lead to a good quality life.

Critical Issues in Treatment of Sexual Problems in Men with Diabetes

A diabetic will often receive similar treatment for erectile dysfunction as a normal person but at times, the results can be different. Some therapies can interfere with other medical treatments and it is always important to give the doctor thorough medical history before prescription.

A diabetic is always at a risk of heart disease, which can even occur without symptoms. Tadalista medication has been proven effective in treating erectile dysfunction even on diabetics. Serious side effects are very rare and it is always important to consult a doctor before undertaking the medication.

Pathophysiology of Erectile Dysfunction in Diabetes

The exact cause of development of erectile dysfunction in diabetics cannot be associated to one factor alone. The strongest case however is that of damage to the blood vessels by excessive glucose leading to erection problems.

Alternative Therapies in the Management of Erectile Dysfunction among Diabetics

Injections directly to the penis can be done prior to sexual activity. They cause sustained erection for up to 60 minutes. Diabetics using this method must take Care as it can lead to poor manual agility. Other methods used include the use of vacuum pumps and penile rings.

Surgical solutions

These are solutions when all other options are unsuccessful. It involves the use of penile implants in which the spongy tissue is replaced with a hard device, simulating an erection. Care must be taken which doing this for a diabetic due to infections that may arise later. Further more information, visit at


According to medical research, over 50% of males with diabetes ultimately suffer from erectile dysfunction. It is always important that early management of diabetes is done to avoid development of sexual problems. Depression and stress can easily occur for a person with sexual dysfunction and involvement the spouse is always important. The use of PDE 5 inhibitors such as tadalista works well with diabetics and is always encouraged.

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