FDA Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER)

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is an important organization that monitors and assess all the drugs supplied by pharmacy companies for various health issues.  FDA’s Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER) has taken many steps to enhance the quality of assessment for better medication. Pills that are relatively meant for men’s health and women’s health are strictly assessed to make sure it doesn’t affect negatively.

Same Quality and Performance

Generic medicines which are non-patented versions of brand medicine also need to provide the same result similar to patented one. As per the FDA regulations, when the generic medicine is approved it should meet established regulations formed by FDA, be it for men’s health product or women’ health product. The same goes for medicines like Filagra made for men’s impotence problem.

Same Active Ingredients

Another important part to consider is the ingredient used in these generic medicines. These medicines like Generic Avodart, Generic Proscar and Generic Propecia should carry regulated dosage form, strength and route of administration. PureTablets.com supplies unpatented generic drugs of popular brands which are safe to use as they contain the same chemical combination like branded drugs.

Proving as Bio-equivalent

The generic medicine maker should prove that the drug is same as bio-equivalent to brand name drug. This can be explained with the amount of drug in the bloodstream which is measured. If the level of the drug in the bloodstream is similar to the brand name, then it right for intake.


Passing the Same Quality Standard

According to FDA, all the manufacturing, packaging and testing of generic drugs should be followed as per the rules and regulations stated by the association. They must meet the same exact specification as per the brand name suggested.

Monitoring of Advert Events from Drugs

Drugs that are manufactured for women health like Filagra Pink, Generic Clomid, Generic Lovegra and such other such drugs need to be monitored to know its affect on the health. This is one such effort to evaluate the safety of drugs on women health. If the result is appropriate, they are monitored to know about the changes happening.

Active Involvement in Making Drugs Safe

FDA has been actively involved in making all drugs especially generic one’s to be safer. The association knows that some products are harmful and reports have emerged about negative experience after the intake of such drugs. It wants to understand what went wrong and how it can be brought under control. Moreover, the association also wants the industry to investigate what went wrong in the intake of medication.

Health Safety at the Highest Level

The main aim of FDA is to provide the right rules and regulations and ensure that companies do follow the same under highest regards. This will certainly help in distributing the right generic medicine to the buyer.


The main aim of FDA is to ensure that every medication, be it for sexual power or skin care that is being manufactured by leading company is well assessed and should only be sold once it is declared safe to use.

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