Filagra – Difference between Generic and Branded Medicines

Filagra is replacing the Viagra, and to literally put it into perspective to outline what’s the difference between generic and branded medication, firstly we have to identify a person’s benefit or association with a ‘brand’. Generally people usually opt for brands when it relates to something materialistic such as your Gucci sunglasses or your BWM coupe, but these are products or brands as they are more commonly known, that we carry around with us, that give us confidence, and say something about who or what we are. However, medication is and is becoming a complete other story.


FilagraMedication is something we take to serve a purpose or treatment. Therefore if we can find what we are looking for, at a much cheaper price, yet has the same quality and serves the same purpose, then why should people pay for the brand in this case. And that is exactly what is happening. As people are becoming more and more educated through the widely available resources that the Internet offers today, people are learning how to save vast amounts of spending through just small amounts of research. It is becoming commonly known that generic pharmaceuticals are of the same standards as their branded equivalent, and go through the same high quality F.D.A. Regulations as those in the western world. Furthermore it has been found in many cases, where the generic medication and the branded medication are coming out of the same manufacturing plants.

Therefore, people are starting to wonder if the only difference between generic and branded medication is the colour, shape, and non active ingredients, why should we pay four times the prices for branded version, when we can buy four times the amount of the generic version for the same price. And from the trends on-line, that is exactly whats being happening. Many men who normally buy Viagra (Erectile Dysfunction) or Propecia (Hair Loss) at their local pharmacy are now turning their attention online to pharmacies such puretablets online to buy Generic Indian Brands such as Filagra or Finpecia.

As these trends grow more and more options are opening new doors to free trade for people to find high quality products at non rip-off prices, and unfortunately for pharmaceutical companies the same is happening in the medical industry. All I can say is power to the people, my new local pharmacy is and I don’t even have to leave my house. So I hope this has helped to explain why Filagra is replacing the Viagra and also now you know what’s the difference between generic and branded medication.

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