Generic Accutane – Switching from Branded to Generic

As anyone suffering from any acne disorders should know that Accutane is known as one of the most controversial of any of the acne medications on the market, as well as the strongest. It has being proven to eliminate most of the difficult cases of acne, where other similar medications have failed. Generic Accutane is known to work against all cases of acne such as severe cystic, nodular acne or conglobata, all of which rarely subside to other weaker treatments. However where the controversy begins is the scary side effects that this medication may leave. While it aids the elimination of acne on the face, if mis-used, this medication can cause severe harm to unborn babies.

Generic Accutane

Therefore, if you are dedicated to eradicating your acne, then it is imperative that you avoid all possibilities of having a baby while using the treatment. This rule applies to both males and females. The reason being is that Accutane works with a form of vitamin A, called Isotretinoin, which not only eliminates the oils from the skin, but also liquids throughout the body, which can lead to shortages if the body were to be feeding the formulation of a baby. Beside from this fact, Accutane has a very high success rate, and you can be assured that there is no difference between the Branded Accutane and this Generic Accutane, known as Trevita. Please note, Trevita is a very popular brand that treats many cases of acne patients in India, and is fast becoming a popular brand in the West due to western society seeking cheaper alternatives.

Doctors and pharmacists have being using vitamin A for many years, and has being proven to help the skin rejuvenate and replenish. Even though Accutane is usually only prescribed for severe cases, many patients that suffer from mild acne also use it as it’s results tend to be quicker than other medications, and more often than not have longer lasting effects. Please note, that a well balanced diet is expected in addition to this medication, and a sufficient amount of research and professional advice should be obtained. Another reason for Accutane’s popularity is that besides it’s possible defect towards an unborn baby, this medication has the least amount of side effects compared to that of it’s alternative treatments.

The benefits of Generic Accutane is that the active ingredient, vitamin A – Isotretinoin works with the body to stop oil production, and this in turn allows the skin to eliminate all infected areas and reduce the formulation of acne, especially in severe cases as mentioned above such as acne conglobata. However, there will be cases where this product might not work, and, if no results are seen, 3 – 5 months after being prescribed this medication, then we suggest you consult your doctor or pharmacist and formulate a new solution. Finally this medication, comes with the same side effects and risks as those associated with Branded Accutane, and therefore should be equally administered with caution and consideration. And if used in accordance with a balanced diet, and on the correct advice of your local doctor/pharmacy, results can be highly successful.

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