Generic Xenical – Orlistat for Weight Loss Treatment

In a world where being a big person is frowned upon, it is important that when you decide to shed the extra weight you do it in a manner that does not affect your health negatively. When losing weight, make sure your reasons are valid. This enables you to make a commitment to yourself which ensures that even after you lose the extra weight you will be motivated to keep fit. Generic Xenical is used for the purpose of weight loss treatment. It is therefore important to have all the information that pertains to Orlistat.

Orlica – Indian Brand of Orlistat – Generic Xenical

Orlica is the Indian brand name for the drug known as Generic Xenical. It is manufactured by Torrent Pharma Ltd. Its generic name is Orlistat while in the US the drug is commonly known as Xenical. The drug is a medication that is prescribed to people suffering from various forms of obesity. It is a medication that is used in weight loss treatment.

How does Orlica (Generic Xenical) work?

Xenical works differently from the other medications for obesity treatment. It works in the stomach rather than in the brain like most of the weight loss treatment drugs. Orlistat bonds with enzymes known as lipases which in turn prevent the fats from breaking down. This means that less fat is absorbed into the body which then contributes to weight loss. The medication works best when taken together with a low fat diet.

Since Orlica reduces the amount of food absorbed in the body, it is pertinent that you take a multivitamin tablet daily as some essential vitamins may not be absorbed into the body.

How does one achieve the best result while using Indian Xenical?

Just like any other medication it is important to consult a doctor before using Orlica for weight loss treatment. This is to ensure that you prescribe the right dosage which will have the maximum effect, constant results in stopping weight gain while at the same time being safe for you. The drug should be taken as the doctor has instructed, and any alteration to the dosage should be ordered by the doctor depending on your body’s reaction to Orlistat.

In order to get the best results Xenical should be taken an hour after a meal which should consist mainly of the necessary vitamins and body fats. A balanced diet and an adequate of exercise activities work hand in hand with Orlica in ensuring that the weight loss treatment is effective. Therefore to obtain better results in obesity treatment through the use of Indian Xenical the combination of the above is pertinent. Read more about Orlica (Generic Xenical).


Generic Xenical just like any other drug do has some side effects such as irregular bowel movements, back pains, stomach aches, among others. Some of these side effects may last up to three months. However, if the side effects persist over the three months it is advisable that you consult your doctor. Orlica should not be given to children as an obesity treatment medication as there are no clinical trials that have been conducted to determine the effects of Xenical on this age group.

For patients taking other medications for illnesses such diabetes, it is recommended that you consult your doctor first before you start using Orlistat.

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