Investigative Procedures in Male Arousal Problems

Investigative Procedures in Male Arousal Problems; Towards Optimized Practice

The increasing prevalence of male dysfunction problems are a major cause of concern in the medical fraternity. The causal agents are varied and careful analysis must be done before treatment.

Medical Conditions Associated With Dysfunction

Various conditions are associated with development of erectile dysfunction. These include diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, and psychogenic factors like anxiety, depression, worries and prior traumatic sexual experiences. Other conditions associated with this problem include renal failure, liver ailments, multiple sclerosis, spinal injuries and penile diseases. It is important to note that a low level of testosterone in men is not a common cause of erectile failure. Before beginning a treatment program, the physicians must first establish whether the causes are reversible or not.

Male Arousal Problems


The study of the development and progress of a disease in the body is important especially for medical practitioners in order to develop the best practices for dealing with the condition.75% of cases are basically organic in origin and active evaluation of comorbid conditions must be done.

When sexual failure is reported, it is vital to assess existence of conditions such as hyperlipidemia, diabetes and hypertension which are highly associated with sexual failure. Hormonal and metabolic conditions especially primary and secondary hypogonadism, renal failure and hepatic malfunction should be tested before undertaking further treatment.

After this, the practitioner may consider the use of tadalista medication or super p force, which are effective medications for male performance problems.

Medical History and Physical Examination

This must be done to establish;  

1) Exposure to risk factors that could lead erectile dysfunction

2) Previous medications that could lead to dysfunction

3) Occurrence of depression and anxiety

4) Daily activities and cardiovascular status

5)Incidences in the sexual history that may shed light into the development of the condition.

Physical examination emphasizing on the groin, cardiac size, heart sounds, femoral pulses and wasting of the thigh muscles. These are indicative signs leading to sexual malfunctions.

Laboratory Analysis of Causal Agents

This is an analysis of previously suspected conditions for confirmation of existing conditions.

1) Urine analysis to rule out renal infections.

2) Blood count analysis for presence of hematologic problems

3) Chemical profiling to check for things such as glucose levels, hyperlipidemia and prostrate problems.

Cultural Factors and Modifications in the Management of Arousal Problems

The basic and most important cultural factor is the diet and physical activity. Recommendations are available on the best diets for an active sex life as well as the recommended physical activities for good body functioning. 

Testosterone Therapy in the Handling of Arousal Problems

Testosterone replacement therapy can be done if low levels have been detected. This progress should then be monitored to ensure normal levels are obtained.


Management of erectile dysfunction must be approached as a package to get comprehensive treatment. An analysis of the medical history of the patient must be done followed by a check on the existing factors that can lead to development of erectile dysfunction. Medication can then be prescribed such as fillitra and filagra tablets which are Phosphodiesterase inhibitors and are also effective in the management of erectile dysfunction.

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