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Kamagra gel

Erectile dysfunction mainly referred to as impotence is the loss or inability for a man to maintain or get an erection during sexual stimulation. According to recent studies, erectile dysfunction has been related to cardiovascular diseases. People with erectile dysfunction are 45% more prone to get cardiovascular diseases compared to those without erectile dysfunction. The researchers found out that the disorder increased risk of myocardial infarction by sixty-two percent, and this calls for treatment either through pharmacologic means or lifestyle interventions. There are several ways to manage erectile dysfunction, some of the checks include

1) Medical history
2) Sexual history and
3) Psychosocial history

Carrying out a physical examination is vital for any patient where the studies should focus on blood pressure, sensation, size and texture of the penis, abnormalities of the penis, status of the prostate and genitalia and the presence of the Vas deference. There is a very strong correlation between erectile dysfunction and hypertension, also Prostatic hyperplasia and erectile dysfunction. The diagnosis of the dysfunction is available in many ways but hormonal and other methods like injection of inhibitors.

Get Fast ErectionKamagra is a product that has been made to treat the problem of erectile dysfunction in males. Sildenafil citrate solves the problem by increasing the blood going to the penis thereby allowing and maintaining an erection. A dose of 100 mg of tablet has an effect rate of forty-five minutes and can last up to six hours. Before embarking on the medication, the patient has to undergo an evaluation by the medical expert to determine whether the drug will be effective, or it will cause certain side effects. Some of the pre conditions that the patient must inform the doctor of the following conditions low or high blood pressure , certain eye disorders, irregular heart rhythm , unstable chest pain, cancer or a person taking HIV drugs with protease inhibitors. Some of the prescription of taking the drug is to avoid standing up fast from sitting or lying position. Other things to avoid include alcohol, which may worsen the side effects. Patients are advised not to take Kamagra oral gel if they are on another erectile dysfunction medication. Cheap online gel is available on many websites but first consult your physician before taking the medication.

Contraindication of Kamagra oral gel is present for people who are undergoing treatments with nitrate-based drugs and those with allergy. A combination of the drug and these drugs results in low blood pressure, which may cause a heart attack, stroke or even death. Another feature is that the medication is prohibited for people under the age of eighteen years. The possible side effects of Viagra oral jelly include diarrhea, stomach upset, vomiting, headache and nasal congestion. Kamagra gel can cause one of a rare condition called priapism mainly referred to as prolonged erection. The drug is only taken when required hence; there is no missed dose retake.

In summary Kamagra, oral gel provides a lasting solution to many people suffering from erectile dysfunction, and they are hiding the problem. Search on the internet and get as much information as you require and buy gel online for a lasting solution to your erectile dysfunction.

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