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Erectile Dysfunction-Competence in Medical Assistance

Erectile dysfunction is one of the serious issues which many men suffer from. There have been medications and supplementary products introduced in the market to help men stay away from the symptoms. There are medications providing temporary relief as well, yet when it comes to prescription or patented drugs, it would be little expensive when the treatment is required for long run. Generic tablets have replaced such issues and are considered to be the best alternative for those men who need a cost effective treatment for their secret issues.

Ajanta Pharma Ltd-Leading Manufacturer of Generic Drugs

The company has been involved in producing and commercializing extensive ranges of unpatented medications with same bio-equivalents for several diseases and health problems. They produce special range of medication for male erectile dysfunction and support the male community around the world to achieve reliable treatment for their fertility issues.

Generic Drugs

Stepping Towards Popularity with R & D Support

This pharmaceutical believes that Research and Development has a vital role to play in obtaining competitive advantage and strive to seek innovation in selection of safe components and reliable production methods. It is one of the leading pharma companies with more than 350 research scientist who are committed to work in terms of sincerity and dedication in investigation and expansion.

Best Features and Excellent Infrastructure

As far as growth aspects are concerned, it has urbanized state-of-the-art technically advanced equipments to support various forms of drug preparations such as dosage, ophthalmological preparations, nasal sprays, creams, solid oral medications, fluids, dry powder inhalers, etc. Its Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient lab named “Advent” has been synthesized with suitable machines to produce different key products with better patient compliance.


Production of Kamagra

Considering the growing concern of impotency and to help patients find positive impact in their life this manufacturer has been working towards simplifying medical expense for treating sexual disorder problems in ED in a much affordable way. It is the first company to introduce generic Sildenafil Citrate in jelly form in almost 13 countries around the world. This product has been receiving surplus appreciation for dosage convenience. Following the success, this company has also stepped towards providing different flavors of kamagra chewable tablets and effervescent pills for consumers to experience maximum flexibility in consumption.

Buying Unpatented Sildenafil Citerate

Kamagra gel has obtained authorization for marketing in 11 European Union Countries under Decentralized Procedure. Puretablets is one of the popular online medical stores that offers brand less drugs of different companies. You can buy Kamagra oral jelly or gel manufactured by Ajanta Pharma at Puretablets through our online stores. Buying through the online portal for generic pills is one of the effective substitutes to reduce expense on high rated pills like viagra.


ED is a notable health issue suffered by adults of different age groups. When it comes to treating with medications, branded pills may remain little unbearable hence, going for cheaper range or brand name less medicines like generic sildenafil citrate would remain a best option.

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