New Medical Advances in the Management of Erectile Dysfunction

The most beautiful and wonderful things in life must be felt with the heart. To experience love and joy in your life it must come from deep inside your heart. However due to the challenges of daily life, it has become impossible to experience these things because our joy is taken away by the pressures of life. In a bid to remedy this situation, medics have developed various solutions such as the introduction of the product filitra for management of male arousal problems.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

The process of male arousal is complicated and involves the coordination of various body organs such as the brain, hormones, nerves and even the blood vessels. Any interference in any of these organs will lead to erectile dysfunction.

Some of the causes of erectile dysfunction include:

· Atherosclerosis : A condition of blood vessels being clogged
· Cardiovascular diseases such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels in the
· Obesity
· Diseases such as parkinsons disease, peyronie’s  disease
·  Alcoholism  and drug abuse
· People undergoing treatments such as prostate cancer and spinal and pelvic area surgeries

azelex Arousal problems may also arise due to psychological problems such as anxiety, depression, stressful conditions, and even relationship issues.

Risk Factors Leading to Dysfunction Problems

Certain factors have shown to cause male arousal issues

· Ageing is one of the natural causes of this problem. As the body ages, the sensitivity to touch is reduced. Using a product such as the generic azelex restores the body’s sensitivity.

· Medical conditions such as diabetes, overweight, and certain medications may render the body unresponsive to sexual stimulation.

· Occurrence of injuries that damage the nervous system may also be a precursor to sexual dysfunction.

· Drug Abuse is also a serious risk factor and a common cause of sex arousal failure. This is because drugs and alcohol interfere with the brain and nervous system.

· Prolonged us of the bicycle compresses the nerves around the groin and may lead to short-term erectile dysfunction issues.

                      Erectile Dysfunction Erectile Dysfunction

Vulnerable Individuals to This Problem

Search has shown that the most vulnerable people are:

·  The aged population

·  Sick persons under various forms of medication

·   Alcoholics and drug addicts such as users of cocaine, heroin and marijuana

·  Individuals going through stressful situations in life

New Discoveries in the Management of Erectile Dysfunction

To overcome these challenges, the medical fraternity through intensive research has developed very innovative products such as filagra and caverta, which are composed of the active ingredient called sildenafil citrate.

In addition, the incorporation of Generic azelex which restores skin sensitivity has become a welcome addition to the management of male arousal issues.

Positive Ethical Issues in the Management of Sexual Dysfunction

Ethical considerations have sometimes posed a challenge in the management of sexual dysfunction conditions. A major problem is reluctance of the patience to declare the condition to the medical practitioner thus prompting self-prescription.

With the current technological advancements, it has become possible to overcome these challenges by online consultations as well as online pharmaceutical Store. Modernization and availability of information has also enabled better management of erectile dysfunction.


The major causes of sexual dysfunction include ageing, sickness and body disorders, drug abuse alcoholism, stress and even mental conditions.

The challenges facing elimination of sexual dysfunction problems have been conquered through development of innovative products such as filagra, fillitra and caverta medicines. Female arousal problems have also been solved using products such as filagra pink.

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