Non-Surgical Approach for Healthy Life Style

Physical Causes Dominate for Impotency

Though there were several analyses done on mental health affecting sexual life, scientists from across different nations suggest that physical condition also plays significant role in enhancing impotency in men. They define this condition to be organic cause and researches were done in several cases in which most of them belonged to the improper health situation.


How normal body conditions related?

The process of erection takes place by combination of both mental, physical and sensory activities in which vascular and nervous system remain important. Penis functions with amalgamation of psychological and physical stimulations. If simulation reduces, pressure decreases and results in low blood flow.


Surgical Options and Complications

When it comes to treatment, surgery helps to improve erection. There were different types of surgeries followed since past decades like penile prostheses, penile arterial revascularization, injection therapy, etc. These helped in different ways, however, sometimes resulted in issues related to urination, pain, minute side effects, reduced sensation, etc.


Surgery Free Approach

To achieve simple solutions and stay free from pain and other complications of surgical procedures, medications have been formulated for men to help them gain confidence in sexual drive. They are beneficial in the following ways,

1. Reducing risk factors such as depression

2. No need for counseling or psychotherapy

3. Do not have to spend for buying external devices

4. Minimally invasive for victims

5. Obtain erection in a better way

 6. Can maintain good relationship with partner, etc.


Oral Medications

Oral drugs can help both economically and health related aspects. Shifting to nonspecific formulations is comparatively better for those who are little concerned about spending for pills. Medications including cialis oral, filagra (generic Viagra), kamagra oral jelly, generic levitra, caverta are some of the notable drugs available today. These contain bio equivalent like that of patented medications yet safe to consume.

Functional Aspects of Consuming Pills

Pharmaceutical remedy like super-p-force helps to stop premature ejaculation. It is formed by combining sildenafil citrate and dapoxetin which work for erection for many hours and keep penis muscles relaxed. Similarly, dapoxetin or generic priligy stops premature release of sperms and provide tolerance towards sensitivity in penis.

Life Style Changes

Additional suggestions like making transitions in routine habits may also help a male to come out of ED symptoms. Healthy weight management, reducing anxiety, yoga, non-smoking, self-denial from alcohol can prevent abnormal functioning of testosterone hormone and related effects on sex life.

Beware of Illegal Drugs

Men who already have diabetic or cardiac issues have to be more careful if they choose medication to treat erectile dysfunction. Even, buying unpatented forms of cheaper drugs should be from reliable pharmaceuticals is always safer. Puretablets is one of the popular online drug stores that offers assortment of medications for many health issues. We provide generic alternatives manufactured by reliable brands.


With the advent of many drugs in unpatented versions, following treatment for ED without surgical aid has become easier now-a-day. However, evaluation of body condition is recommended before taking pills.

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