Restore and Enhance Your Sex Life with Kamagra Gel

Various economic and environmental factors affect sexual performance and ultimately the family life. These factors lead to reduced sexual activity and even very poor response to sexual stimulation.

These factors can range from genetic factors such as inheritance, climatic conditions such as cold weather, to economic conditions such as work related stress. Sedentary or inactive life as well as imbalanced diet also greatly contributes to reduced sexual activity.

Despite these challenges, effective and efficient ways of enhancing sexual performance have been developed and these include use of drugs, specific diets and even sex enhancing gels and jellies.

Composition and Mode of action of the Gels

kamagra oral jelly 100mg packThe main ingredient of the kamagra oral jelly is the sildenafil citrate. It operates by inhibiting the action of phosphodiesterase – 5 enzymes (PDE5). This enzyme enhances degradation of a compound cGMP which regulates blood flow into the male organ therefore controlling the erectile functions of the penis.

A compound nitric oxide in the penis binds on the guanylate cylase receptors, resulting in higher levels of cGMP which leads to relaxation of the smooth muscles, causing dilation of the blood vessels and increased blood flow to the spongy muscles/tissues of the male organ resulting in an erection.

Sildenafil is structurally similar to the cGMP therefore actively competes as a binding agent of the PDE5 causing more cGMP released and better erections.

Benefits of Using Gels Compared To Other Performance Enhancements

  • 1) Quick action. Jellies especially the kamagra oral jelly is quick acting and will cause an erection in 15 – 20 minutes of intake. This allows you to sexually prepare your spouse for a fulfilling sexual encounter.
  • 2) Longer lasting effect of 4 – 6 hours allows for satisfaction of you and your partner. This is especially important because the body of the female is different from the male. The woman responds slower to sexual stimulation but once stimulated will take time before losing the stimulation. Synchronization is therefore achieved.
  • 3) The semi liquid gels are high quality and good for people unable to consume the pop up tablets, especially the relatively aged people suffering erectile dysfunction.
  • Available in wide variety of formulation such as the melt pills and chewable gum depending on your preferences.
  • 4) They have been tested and analyzed by various drug agencies and certified as non prescription, to enhance your sex life and family happiness. To know more benefits about Kamagra Gel, kindly visit –

Where to Find Kamagra Gel

The jellies are available online in various stores such as, oral jelly .org, and it is also important to ensure purchase from a certified pharmaceutical that will give you quality service and products.

The causes of erectile dysfunction are many including ageing, personal economic situations, stressing employment and even depression. The management of these sexual failures has now been simplified with the introduction oral gels and jellies .These offer more advantages such as quick action and longer lasting performance as opposed convectional erectile dysfunction treatments. The kamagra oral jelly is readily available in various online outlets and comes at an affordable cost and will help improve your sex life and family life.

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