Revealed – New Developments in the Management and Use of Filagra

In the management of erectile dysfunction, various practices can come in handy alongside using medication such as filagra. These include;

1)Achieving great health; Health is one of the major causes of erectile dysfunction problems. Lack of energy in the body means that even the organs cannot rise to the occasion.

2)Physical fitness for a great and satisfying sexual life. It is important to incorporate physical activity in our lifestyle. This ensures good muscle flexibility and the flow of blood in our bodies.

3)Recommended diet; developing a habit of eating foods such as black rasp berries, straw berries, avocados ,almonds, and sweet potatoes could go a long way in enhancing the use of filagra.

Impotence Prevalence in the World

Worldwide prevalence of erectile dysfunction is estimated at 2% for young adults above 40 years and up to 80 % for male adults above 50 yrs of age.

Research has shown that 7% of men between 18- 29 yrs of age ,9% of men between 30-39 yrs of age,11% of men 40-49 yrs of age,16 – 18 % of men 50-59 yrs  and more than 55 % of men above 60 yrs suffer from  various levels of erectile dysfunction.

Several factors lead to the development of erectile dysfunction and these include certain medications, obesity, drug abuse or even certain diseases. However research has shown that age is the most critical factor affecting erectile dysfunction.

Chemical Constitution of Filagra and Pharmacokinetics

The active ingredient in filagra is either 50gms or 100 gms of sildenafil citrate. Absorption to the blood stream is rapid through an oral dose and this rate can be modified if the product is consumed with food. It is then distributed to the tissues and most of the active ingredient is bound to the plasma proteins. Metabolism of the sildenafil is done in the liver through the cytochrome p450 ISO enzyme, CYP3A4 and CYP2C29 enzymes to release a compound n-desmethylsildenafil, which has a terminal life of 4 hours in the body and is then excreted via urine.


Nitrate Consumption on Filagra Administration

According to research on the effects of nitrates on people using filagra, patients who received Isosorbide mono nitrate showed dangerous decrease in blood pressure which is dangerous to the body. It is therefore advisable not to consume nitrate rich foods while using filagra. These foods include spinach, beet roots, carrots and even kales.

Filagra and the Cardiovascular System

Various studies have been conducted in relation to the action of vasodilators to the cardio system. No complete certainties’ have been established apart from minor headaches and flushing of the eyes. This happens to people with pre existing heart disorders and rarely to a normal person.

According to research done in the year 2000 by Zusman et al, the effects of filagra of the blood pressure had no clinical importance despite the subjects being hypertensive. Get more details, visit at

Management of Side Effects Where They Occur

Various health effects may occur with the use of filagra. It is important to note that not everybody is affected. Sudden loss of vision or hearing or chest constriction is a sign of severe side effects and it is important to seek immediate help. Mild side effects include stuffy nasal cavity, headache and memory problems, these eventually go away. 


The approach taken in the management of sexual problems must be wholesome and adopted as a package. The diet, physical fitness program as well as the use of filagra will greatly ease the problem of erectile dysfunction.

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