Snow Disruption December 2010!

Hello one and all!

First of all, best of seasons greetings to all the loyal PT customers and non customers alike!

We hope the incredibly disruptive weather all over Europe has not hampered your spirits too much!

It has been a great year and we are now coming to grips with the new site and design after some inital tweaking was required to get everything running smoothly. We are now confident in our ability to again process orders in a timely fashion.

However, this is currently not the case with many of our delivery partners due to continued snow and extreme weather conditions currently facing most European countries.
It is extremelly regrettable but we currently must admit the reality that many of our deliveries will not reach customers until the new year, if the current pattern continues, and it shows no sign of letting up right now so we are not overly confident.

We would ask all customers to be patient whilst the disruption is still an issue but please feel free to contact us if you would like to discuss your order or its location.


Many Thanks and A Very Merry Christmas and a Prosperous and Productive New Year!

All the team here at!

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