Super P-Force helps improve your companionship

Drugs known as a little blue pills or stimulants, answer to mens problem and womens expectations, now has the rival on the market. From the manufacturer the Sunrise Remedies, limited private companies based in India, people are offered a Super P-force, a medical drug and more popular treatment that is resolving two problems at the same time.

It is designed to help men get rid of the erectile dysfunction, known as ED and premature ejaculation problems. The  way this drug works is that The Sildenafil Citrate or Viagra active in the medication allow the muscles around the penis to relax and that is how  more blood can enter the penis when is sexually active, while the second active ingredient, Dapoxetine or Priligy helps the male develop a tolerance towards ejaculating. Super P-Force contains 100mg of Sildenafil Citrate and 60mg of Dapoxetine which combined together make a great companionship in order to bring you your sexual life where it belongs.

This drug takes up to 25 minutes to start working. After that men can achieve erections for 5-6 hours so they can provide lasting and more pleasurable sexual performance. Medicine is taken orally, before sexual intercourse, and it should not be used more than once daily. This medicine needs to be stored at room temperature of 25 degrees in a dark and sealed storage place and away from moisture and heat. Expiration date of Super P Force To Buy is 18 month from the date of production.

Super P force is not going to cause any problems if it is not used or missed on a daily basis. Medicine should be used thirty minutes before intercourse for the best effects, and in order to resolve your problems, ED and PE, you should use both of the Sildenafil 100mg, and the Dapoxetine60 mg together.

However, you should seriously consider negative side effects.Some of the possible side effects could be nausea, dizziness and headaches, rapid heart rate and higher blood pressure flushing, dyspepsia, nasal congestion, temporary visual abnormalities, urinary tract infections, Nausea. It is highly recommended consulting your doctor or pharmacist before initiate consuming the Super P Force Next Day Delivery and inform him of full details of your medical history. Doctor should be informed about medical conditions such as penile problems, sickle cell anemia, retina diseases, kidney or liver problems, bleeding disorders, stomach ulcers, heart problems or heart failure, coronary artery disease, angina, strokes, abnormally high or low blood pressure, or any allergies.

Online pharmacies are offering Super Power Force Pills for the price of $65.00 for the 100mg plus 60mg dosages packs of 16 tablets.

Affordable and reliable, Super P-Force could become your secret weapon in order to satisfy your partner, but also to increase the pleasure and strength you deserve. This is your perfect chance to boost your confidence and keep you longer in the sexual activity. Super P-force, popular medicine is boldly breaking the prejudices of the lack of sexual activity in the middle ages. With its responsible use, you will be able to bring back the energy that you might be missing in your sexual life, and resolve erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation problems.

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