The Best Results of Yoga in Retaining Healthy Relationship

Yoga and Impotence

Since several years, reproductive problems in men were related to age factor in most of the cases. However, due to drastic changes taking place in health conditions and environmental factors influencing lifestyle, reasons for sexual issues can be traced back to consequences of multiple factors affecting diet, mental, professional and domestic life. Today, the need for maintaining fitness to get rid of from probable wellbeing complications has been stressed across the world. Prominent wellness issues like ED have become a common problem in men irrespective of age. Though medications to treat erectile dysfunction are available, Yoga can be one of the best alternative solutions that can be tried confidently to get therapeutic treatment for erectile dysfunction issues.


Different Poses to Treat Different Wellness Problems

Yoga is a form of physical exercise that relates both mind and body to coincide and bring out effective solution to stay healthy and to get rid of wellness issues. It is a collection of postures and every form of posture is meant for improving oxygen intake and enhances blood circulation to all parts of the body. It has several solutions to come out of sexual disorders along with the pills. There are different postures available to treat different problems in physical condition. When it comes to impotency, this traditional treatment has a great effect on treating issues which may range from minute to major levels in affecting the normal sexual life.

Some Important Poses to Relieve from Impotence

The below list of postures help men to slowly get rid of medications and find a natural way to cure poor blood circulation to penis.

Ardha Ushrasana

Also called as half camel position, this exercise style brings more positive impact on men’s urogenital system.


This posture helps to find boosting of the urogenital area and provides excellent stamina at the time of intercourse.


In this position you will have to bring your head and neck erect and bring your legs in front. It can be attained only after reaching proficiency in practice. It helps in curing impotency and helps men to obtain good sexual power.



There is lot of movement involved for your legs, hand, knees and heel in this position and it results in activating naval muscles and stimulating more energy to involve in active relationship.


It allows you to raise your back from ground and bring support through your hands. It is an excellent asana to improve sex organ performance and cure sexual disorders.

The Best Alternative

Yoga is traced back to more than 26 thousand years and it is one of the forms of vedic teachings. Ultimately, it is a kind of training that allows mind and body to unit to come into the circle of fitness. Routine practice of this system will help people to stay away from long term medical treatment. As far as erectile dysfunction is concerned, this remains one of the safe and cost effective alternatives in the place of medications. However, it is always better to consult your healthcare professional if you are fit enough to practice.


Yoga for impotency is an excellent alternative that helps to reach a good relationship along with medication.

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