The Causes of Erectile Dysfunction – Remedy to ED by Filagra


Erectile Dysfunction is a condition that has increased over the years. It has also increased in women as similar to men`s impotence. The effects of Erectile Dysfunction are low sexual urge for women and low erection that is not enough for one to have a good sexual performance in men.

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile DysfunctionA number of effects cause Erectile Dysfunction in both men and women. These causes can be divided into physical, psychological and hormonal. Physical causes are basically illnesses that suppress your sexual urge and consequently affect your erection. These include diabetes, prostate cancer, high blood pressure and cardiovascular diseases. Moreover, diseases that interfere with the nervous system can trigger the condition since the brain does not communicate with the genitals to trigger sexual urge. The condition is also caused by low blood supply to the genitals.

Hormonal abnormalities; Hormones are the drivers of most activities in the human body including sex. For men, testosterone is the hormone associated with sexual urge and causes erection, while oestrogen is the sex hormone for women. It causes women to have the urge for sex and even triggers the secretion of sexual fluids. The secretion of these hormones can be affected either by an abnormal condition in your body or malfunctioning of the secretory glands. The result of this is erectile dysfunction. Psychological problems also play a big role in causing the condition. These include stress, depression and anxiety. They have the effect of supressing the part of the brain that causes sexual urge and as a result they affect erection.

How Filagra cures ED in male

If you are suffering from ED you do not have to worry any more. You only need a dosage of Filagra before having sex and your performance will be fantastic. Filagra is a Sildenafil Citrate product which increases erotic capabilities in men and offers a remedy to impotency. As Erectile Dysfunction causes you to have a low erection, Filagra ensures that you have a stiff erection suitable for penetration. It increases your libido and elevates your sexual urge as well. Filagra can also be taken by old men whose sexual performance and erection has been reduced due to their old age. It supresses the conditions that inhibit your erection and triggers the secretion of enough testosterone hormone needed for sexual stimulation. This drug does nothing other than help men perform excellent and provides a sure remedy to impotency. To know more about filagra visit

How Filagra Pink cures ED in female

Females struggling with the condition have a reason to smile as their sexual life will come to normal again. They only need to take a dosage of Filagra Pink before sexual encounter and they will experience a fantastic bed lift. Filagra Pink being a composition of Sildenafil Citrate guarantees enough sexual stimulation and triggers secretion of enough oestrogen hormone required for a superb sexual performance. Filagra Pink causes vaginal compliance and boosts a woman`s libido. It works its way by ensuring there is enough blood flow to the genitals and hence improves erection. Filagra pink cancels out the effects of Erectile Dysfunction and guarantees you an enjoyable sexual life.


Human beings are meant to enjoy sex. You cannot sit and watch your precious sexual life being ruined by mere Erectile Dysfunction whereas there is a remedy for that. Men try Filagra and women try Filagra Pink today and you will love the results.

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