Treatment for Impotency in Older Days

Sexual Disorder since Ancient Times

Pre-historic evidences of treating sexual issues faced by men show how it was treated and in what ways changes took place in curing methodology. This problem and subsequent treatment method can be traced back to social history of different nations. Method of healing also appears to differ from country to country in accordance with their traditional and cultural norms.

Sexual Disorder

Herbal and Culinary Heal

Natural history beginning from 1st century has evidences of applying extracts from Turpentine tree, terebinth, and garlic as some of the resources identified with aphrodisiac. In some places the leaves of clematis was consumed along with wine to reach sexual desire. The upper part of clematis root is believed to enhance feel of having relationship.

Herbal and Culinary Heal

Some Interesting Facts about Dealing

1. In olden days countries people of Greece and Rome used parts of animals to treat erectile dysfunction. They used snakes for rejuvenation, rooster’s genitalia for consumption.

2. Thirteenth century has proof of people consuming wolf’s penis by roasting.

3. Sparrow meat was found to kindle masculinity.

4. Reading love stories was also recommended by Fourth Century physician Theodorus Priscianus.

5. Stone talisman was worn by some Roman men for protecting them against lack of desire.

6.  Right molar taken from small crocodile was also used as guaranteed erection enhancement.

Sexual Disorder

Steps Taken in Medieval Islamic

During medieval times in Islamic history, physicians suggested single pill therapy in combination with diet recommendation. However, it has to be noted that drugs were not consumed it was applied through urethra. This technology in handling could also be found between the time period of 9th and 16th century. During 18th century testis of sheep was extracted for injecting the same into penis because it contained good source of testosterone that helps in regularizing sexual activities. It remained standard until purified form of testosterone was applied.

Animal part Implantation

There are identical sorts of treatment existed in United States in terms of implanting goat gland. However, it received controversial approvals from people. In 1970 vacuum pump was functional for erectile dysfunction. Though there might have been different forms of healing impotency, as years passed by and with introduction of medications like sildenafil citrate, there has been tremendous change in observation, treatment and results achieved.

Alternative Sources of Drugs

Drugs are preferred for curing by majority of healthcare professionals. Some drugs like Viagra have become standard option for realizing ejaculation. But it is not easily affordable for all. Cost effective versions in generic form remains the latest trend in healing. Medications include, super P-force is a generic version of sildenafil citrate and dapoxetine provides combined effect of two ingredients through prolonged erection for 5 to 6 hours. It has become popular today as people from across different parts of the world prefer it as pocket friendly expense.


Secret health issues for men had been in existence since olden days. We can find huge transformation in the way of treatment and how men were benefited from them. Inception of drugs and subsequent unpatented pills has brought great relief to men.

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