Two Lesbians Test Lovegra

My girlfriend and I have heard of the new sexual enhancer for women, called Lovegra, and well, so we said to ourselves that we absolutely must try it. Although we are both women and always have great sex together, but we are also very curious about everything new. So we ordered Lovegra on the Internet, this remedy is said to promote blood flow to the genitals and now we wanted to know if there is something in it. The order was very discreet and we had not long to wait for the shipment of Lovegra. Now that nothing would keep us from doing our experiment any more, we decided to make us an interesting evening. We each took one of these Lovegra pills, and made ​​ourselves comfortable in the bathtub. We often go for a bath together, it can be very erotic, but also funny, of course.

Two Lesbians Test Lovegra

Two Lesbians Test Lovegra

This time we had a lot of fun in the tub, more than usually so to say, but then we dried each other and went into the living room. I suddenly felt very warm throughout my howl body, but even hot between my legs. I pulled my girlfriend on the carpet and I wanted her to touch me, I was incredibly horny.

Same thing happened to her, because when I stroked her tenderly the clitoris, she began moaning full of desire and pleasure. Then she touched me on my already wet pussy, it was simply the sheer madness, I thought I’d explode. We caressed each other and started fingering us. It did not take too long until we realized how the orgasm wave flooded us.

That was simply unsurpassable. We huddled together and we felt the desire  sprouting up again, and again we were both full of lust and drove each other from ecstasy to ecstasy. This experience was outstanding and we won’t do it withot Lovegra any more from now on, because my girlfriend ignites just like a rocket.

Why don’t you go and try it yourself, no matter whether you have any orgasm problems or not, no matter whether you’re keen on women or men, it’s just way more fun when taking Lovegra since it will really heat you up and you can enjoy your sex life way more intensely than without taking it. It’s just unbelievable! Once you have tried it you don’t want to miss it anymore and will even recommend it to your best friends, especially to those who are suffering from boring sex lives with their partners. They will really appreciate your recommendation to try Lovegra, not only because it helps improving their joy in sex but also because there are no side effects. We, at least, haven’t experienced any negative effects so far and we have been taking Lovegra on a regular base from our first attempt and we do it several times a week. Lovegra is the best remedy I have ever known and I have recommended it to all my girl friends.

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