Ways to Control Premature Ejaculation along with Caverta

Premature Ejaculation: Possible Causes and Control

Premature ejaculation is a common form of erectile dysfunction that affects a considerable number of men. Usually, a man ejaculates uncontrollably either prior to or soon after sexual penetration, leaving his sexual partner dissatisfied and disappointed in him. Such a problem has taken a toll on some relationships leading to some women seeking sexual satisfaction outside the relationship. This article discusses some of the causes of this embarrassing problem and how it can be controlled using Caverta.

Physical Causes

  • Sensitive Skin

Men whose skin are sensitive around the penis tend to experience premature ejaculation. This is because the penis’ sensitive head feels things exceedingly strongly, thus becomes sexually aroused at a faster speed leading to uncontrolled ejaculation.
Psychological Causes

  • Conditioning

The sexual experiences one has while growing up can influence how they will behave sexually in the future. For instance, teenage boys who condition themselves to ejaculate quickly for fear of being caught by their girlfriends when they masturbate, can find it hard to break from this habit even in adulthood.

Premature EjaculationRelationships Troubles

It is possible that when you are experiencing problems in your current relationship, it can stress you up to the point where you ejaculate ahead of time uncontrollably. This can occur especially when your past sexual relationships were satisfying and problem-free.


Strict upbringing can also contribute to this form of erectile dysfunction. For instance, men who are brought up knowing that sexual intercourse should be done after marriage, may become nervous and anxious during their initial sexual encounters, making them unable to control their ejaculations properly. The nervousness is partly due to their belief that engaging in sex is sinful; a conviction that will take a while for them to let go.

  • Traumatic and Painful Sexual Incidents

Men who have undergone painful and disturbing sexual experiences during their childhood tend to have lifelong effects such as sexual anxiety, which contributes untimely ejaculation. Examples of such incidences include being caught masturbating, as well as sexual abuse.
Medical Causes

  • Nervous System Disorder

This disorder has been found to contribute to premature ejaculation, but in rare cases. It affects the nervous system and brain, causing the latter to fail to control the ejaculation reflex, and consequently, causing people with the disorder to ejaculate prematurely.

  • Prostate Gland Inflammation

When a man’s prostate gland gets inflamed mostly due to an infection, he may experience side effects such as premature ejaculation, difficulty in urination and abdominal pain. In case you have such an infection, it is important that you seek proper medical treatment immediately to avoid further damage to other body organs like the kidney and liver.

  • Caverta

Caverta is a generic Viagra that help men to retain an erection up to four hours by regulating the amount of blood that flows in and out of the penis, thus comes in handy as a solution to their premature ejaculation problem. The product is available in 100mg dose in the form of a pill which should be taken at interval of 24 hours time between two dosage, before having sex. You can access cheap Caverta in numerous stores online selling the pills. Just place an order and buy cheap Caverta online today and your embarrassing problem will disappear in no time. To know more information about Caverta medicine visit http://www.puretablets.com/p67/Caverta/product_info.html


Your premature ejaculation has a solution. You only need to take action and buy Caverta online today at a very low cost.

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