What can Cause Erectile Dysfunction and How can it be Treated?

Healthy sex life is a biological requirement for every living being including human population. A healthy sex life keeps the person physically and mentally energetic and lively. Some people will be deprived of this due to various reasons which may affect both men and women. Erectile Dysfunction is the most common problem which affects the sex life of both the partners. It is a simple problem if treated properly, but poses grave consequences if neglected and untreated.

The Problem and the Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile DysfunctionFirst it is important to know what is Erectile Dysfunction and its causes. When a person is sexually stimulated he will get an erection which helps in penetration and satisfactory intercourse. ED is a problem where there will be no erection or the erection got is not sufficient for penetration and also not long lasting. The causes of ED can be classified as Psychological and physical. The major psychological causes are lack of confidence, stress and depression. Apart from this, neurological problems, effect of certain drugs, aging, other medical conditions such as Diabetes and Hypertension are the major contributors for this problem. The earlier method of treatment included Surgery, local application of creams, injection to improve erection. These were not viable for various reasons and had other problems associated with them. Men suffered in silence for a long time and then came the wonder pill Viagra which effectively treated this condition. Viagra got huge acceptance and demand in the market, but was not within the reach of common man owing to its huge cost. To address this problem, other generic Viagra came into market such as Filagra, Kamagra, Caverta, Super P-Force and many others. The basic constituent of all these drugs is Sildenafil, Cialis and Vardenafil which come under different brand names like Levitra, Staxyn, and Vivanza and so on. These drugs got much popular as they solved the erectile Dysfunction problem and also were within the reach of common man.

Drugs Available – Generic Viagra, Kamagra Gel Jelly, Caverta, Cialis, Super P-Force

The generic Viagra drugs like Kamagra have  become more popular because they are the counter drugs which do not require prescription for buying. This has made them available across the counters without the requirement to go to the medical practitioner. This is the positive point about these generic Viagra forms which made them more popular. Drugs like Kamagra Oral Jelly which needs to be taken orally to maintain erection were more comfortable and easy to use, and also accessible. All these generic medicines enhance the flow of blood into the penis and also aid in retaining the blood in the penis for longer time thus resulting in better erection. Kamagra Jelly comes in different flavors to pick from, which makes it easy to consume. A large number of drugs by different manufacturers have flooded the market like Ciali, Caverta, and Super P-Force which are nothing but cheap generic Viagra and work similarly to address the problem. With these drugs, the suffering is over and erection problem is treated and solved most effectively.

These generic drugs have an additional advantage. They can be ordered online and the consignment gets delivered to the required addressee. This eliminates the hassles of going to the drug store and the embarrassment of asking the person for the medicine. It also saves time and money making the purchase more comfortable and convenient. The release of these generic Viagra medicines has brought light into the life. Though lack of erection is not a fatal condition, it is definitely devastating and unbearable problem, which has now been countered successfully.

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